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Rhinoplasty kuwait


Rhinoplasty in Our Beauty Clinic in Kuwait

Rhinoplasty; It is a kind of operation that many people want to have for many different reasons. Some people have it done to feel aesthetically more beautiful. Some people get it done because of health problems. Some people get it done because they have to. Whatever the reason, Rhinoplasty is a very common aesthetic type today. With rhinoplasty, you will definitely have a natural-looking aesthetic. We work very hard in our clinic for natural-looking and natural results. And our specialist doctors in the field are especially meticulous and careful for you.

Rhinoplasty surgery and after in Kuwait

Having a rhinoplasty in Kuwait is a very reliable operation in our clinic that you can see with excellent results. We can perform rhinoplasty surgery in a hospital or in our surgical center, according to your wishes. We use anesthesia so that you do not experience any pain or distress during this surgery. In rhinoplasty surgery; Our surgeons are working with ultra care for the nose structure you want. Since anesthesia will be used during the surgery, you will not feel anything. But dont be afraid, our surgeon will reshape your nose like a canvas paints the nose structure you want to have.

What should you pay attention to after rhinoplasty in Kuwait? Nasal swelling after surgery is very common. Thats why you should use a cold compress from time to time to minimize this swelling. You may also notice temporary bruises around the nose and eyes. These bruises are a completely normal and natural process. The nose structure will heal in exactly 1 year and you will have the nose structure of your dreams. Natural and perfect results with rhinoplasty in Kuwait

Rhinoplasty Kuwait

So what is rhinoplasty, how does the process progress in our clinic?

First of all, of course, you need to make an appointment for the first meeting with our specialist doctors. During this interview, one of our experts will examine you extensively. During this examination, what are your personal goals, whether you have cosmetic concerns or breathing problems are discussed. After the necessary procedures are completed, all your cosmetic concerns and breathing problems can be solved at the same time. Of course, this process is one that requires patience and calmness. After completing the necessary procedures to have a rhinoplast in Kuwait, let life flow and our experts will take care of the rest for you.


What happens during the consultation?

During the consultation, information that our experts need to learn about you is collected. This information is usually; your medical history, age, skin type, and ethnic back ground. Meanwhile, one of our staff takes a close-up photo of your nose. This is all information gathered during the consultation. After this information is collected, it is sent to the surgeon who will take care of you. The surgeon will give you information about what can be done to reshape your nose. For example, in the direction of how the bones and cartilage of the nose will be shaped.



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