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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic-and-Plastic-Surgery kuwait

Deals with plastic surgery, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery (renovation surgery). Cosmetic surgery reshapes the normal body structures and develops the appearance of the individual and his perception of himself.

Reconstructive surgery is applied on abnormal body structures that were formed in connection with the birth or those that have appeared afterwards, and its initial purpose is to recover the functions of the body structures that are affected as much as possible.


Physical examination and direct consultation with the patient is always the right way to start for understanding the patient’s expectation and needs.It is always a must to meet your doctor before the surgery day and clear all questions on your mind.


Pleasure be sure that all your questions are answered by the surgeon himself and explain your expectations transparently.


When setting a surgery day with your doctor do not ignore that  you need a recovery period which will effect your social and business life.


Both before and after the surgery listen to what your surgeon tells.Do not act with the advices of unprofessionals or the ones have no information about your case.


Aesthetic surgery results need time and thus you should be patient and keep your motivation high as possible.

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